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There’s just something magical about the colors and designs of vintage rugs. Adding one to any space will, without a doubt, make your house look like a home. So if you’re looking for something colorful to add to your decor, a Chaput rug may be just the thing for you. These rugs can easily brighten up any room, and the color combinations aren’t too overwhelming, so they’re incredibly easy to coordinate with the rest of your furniture.


More About Chaput Kilim Rugs

What are Chaput Kilim Rugs?

Chaput kilim rugs are handwoven with old pieces of cloth that have been cut into long pieces of fabric. Thanks to this, these rugs have simple, striped designs that can easily be incorporated into your interior decor. 

Chaput kilim rugs can look amazing when placed on a bare parquet floor, but you can also layer them with another carpet below to add a touch of warmth and love to each room.

Which Chaput Kilim Rug Should I Purchase?

Our Chaput rugs work well with all styles of home decor. So whether you’re going for an elegant style or an attractive boho look, we have plenty of gorgeous Chaput rugs for you to check out. 

For example, if you’d like to furnish a smaller room in your home, the best way to make it appear more open is to purchase one of our larger Chaput rugs. The key is to cover the entire floor with one of these colorful rugs

But if you’re on the market for something to add to a bare entrance or hallway, we have plenty of small runner rugs available. 

Color-wise, we have some neutral rugs for rooms with colorful furniture. On the other hand, if you would like to elevate the ambiance, perhaps some of our bolder color combinations would be better suited to your taste. We many colorful Chaput rugs that will make your room’s interior pop. 

How Durable are Chaput Kilim Rugs?

Vintage rugs are incredibly durable, and Chaput rugs are no exception. This is mainly because, rather than using synthetic materials such as nylon, Chaput rug makers use long-lasting materials that will survive for decades. 

With that in mind, we use 100% wool on a cotton foundation to make our rugs. 

What if you Stain a Chaput Rug?

Our rugs contain lanolin, which is a natural oil found in wool. Ultimately, this oil is what makes vintage rugs more stain-resistant than other materials.

Ultimately, if you do happen to stain your Chaput rug, there’s an easy way to get rid of the damage. Use a damp cloth to dab the liquid, and let it dry naturally. 

Why are Chaput Rugs so Popular?

Chaput kilim rugs originate from Turkey. We make ours using the incredibly intricate weaving technique called hand-knotting. The skilled artisans we source from apply this technique.  

With that in mind, Chaput rugs have a soft texture that simply exudes comfort and warmth. That’s why we always say that adding even a small rug to your living space will create an entirely different ambiance. 

Should I Clean my Chaput Kilim Rug Once it Arrives?

When you decide on a rug, and it arrives at your door, the only thing you will need to worry about is placing it on your floor. We professionally clean each carpet before listing it on our website.

Is a Chaput Rug a Good Choice if I'm a First-Time Buyer?

Overall, Chaput rugs are an excellent choice for first-time vintage rug buyers. As we mentioned, Chaput rugs have a simple design.

Ultimately, they’re one of the simplest types of rugs to incorporate into any space, whether large, small, open, or closed. All you have to decide on are the colors of your carpet and, of course, the size.

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