Area Rugs and Their Advantages

Area Rugs and Their Advantages

In one of our writings, we mentioned what area rugs are and how you can choose the best one for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and hallway and what you need to consider while choosing them. So, if you still have some doubts about buying an area rug, we will provide you with some of the main benefits that will come along after purchasing and using an vintage rug

The area rug that you can place on a hard surface floor like hardwood, laminate, or even lay on a wall-to-wall carpet has plenty of advantages. They may differ in their textures, patterns, sizes, and colors. However, they are multitaskers at your home. They give a decorative taste to the room, but they also have many advantages. 

  • Protects From Damage

The floor is more likely to be damaged, primarily from furniture, heavy items or sharp objects, or even pet claws. These can cause some permanent marks on your floor. These scratches are big problems, especially on wood floorings. We advise you to select the best solution by placing an area rug. 

The area rugs are made of organic materials or cotton, usually some absorbent material that will protect your floors. However, area rugs also increase damage by offering the perfect soft cushion so that our footsteps and shoes do not make any marks. 

Furthermore, if you live with a child, the way they play and the things they play might increase the possible damage to your floors. Thus, placing an area rug could reduce this potential damage to your floors and help prevent injuries. 

  • Comfort

Everyone does know that rugs are softer than hardwood or tile. Also, most people will agree that area rugs are more comfortable to stand on than a hard surface floor. Apart from its softness, it also gives flexibility to your skin and muscles, making your footsteps' touch softer. 

  • Warmth

The carpet, which creates a feeling of warmth with millions of yarns in its structure, also provides insulation against extreme heat or cold. As the rug creates much more stable air temperatures on the floor, it creates a more comfortable environment for the users. Moreover, in cold seasons or climates, the carpet preserves the cold air. In our age, where one should be careful about its consumption, carpet provides many benefits thanks to these features. Likewise, it creates insulation against excessive heat in hot weather.

  • Reduces Noise 

Our living spaces have become much louder than they are as we increased our use of computers, phones, large-screen televisions, and video games, which have become a part of our lives with the developing technology. The simplest solution to this airborne noise is the carpets right under our feet.

Carpet is a product that provides sound insulation apart from a beautiful floor covering. In addition, it also provides an aesthetic atmosphere in spaces and increases comfort. In recent years, construction companies have tended to combine all living areas in the house with ample and open space. However, this layout plan increases the echo in the house. Also, this settlement plan will increase the amount of noise in the environment to improve the unity of the family. 

Thanks to the carpet on the floor, the noise will be absorbed instead of hitting the walls and furniture. Research shows that carpets produced with properly determined filling combinations provide much more effective sound insulation. Carpet fillings also increase the comfort and ergonomic properties of the carpet. It also extends the life of the rug as it protects against wear and tear.

  • Connects Furniture

Furniture might just be standing in the middle of the room if they are placed on floors plainly as if it seems like floating. But, if you add an area rug to your room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway, it will change the room's overall atmosphere and anchor furniture, as if it holds each piece of furniture together. Thus, you will add a minor point by laying an area rug but change a significant point to the decoration and divide the room. 

They connect every piece in your room by creating a cohesive look. If you are looking forward to anchoring your space, just place an area rug under pieces of furniture. In this way, you will connect everything, and your room will look like it is well arranged. 

  • Cleaning is Easier

Simple but regular maintenance will extend the life of the carpet. Sweeping the areas exposed to heavy traffic every few days and cleaning the remaining parts once a week is sufficient maintenance. Most of the carpets produced today are chemically treated against staining during their production. However, this does not mean that the carpet will not be stained in any way. If you spill anything on your carpet, you can prevent staining by cleaning it as quickly as possible.

  • Beneficial for People who have Allergy

There are many widely known but uncertain ideas about the effects of area rug selection on health. This situation confuses people and causes question marks about them. Also, you may think that carpets do hold allergens, especially wall-to-wall carpets. However, recently people understood that area rugs are beneficial for allergy sufferers. The reason behind this is straightforward. These rugs trap allergens; hence the allergens do not float around the air and make people breathe in. 

However, researches have revealed that if the carpet selection is made correctly, it does not trigger asthma and respiratory diseases as it is thought and even prevents respiratory diseases. This is because carpets with long piles and antibacterial properties keep the dust in the room or house from the air, thus preventing them from entering our body. In other words, contrary to popular belief, the use of carpet is not a threat to health but a helpful tradition.

On the other hand, it is easier to clean the area rugs than hard floors. So, if you are or someone in your house does have an allergy, placing an area rug would reduce the symptoms. Of course, the most important thing is to be aware of which rug material is best for allergy sufferers and how to clean them. For the latter, you can check our previous blog as well.  

  • Visual – Decorative Touch

Considering that an aesthetic carpet is a decoration tool, the color and texture characteristics of this product, which covers the floors of our living spaces to a large extent, are essential. It is one of the most effective and easiest ways to personalize the environment. Regular maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your carpet. 

Most of the carpets produced today are chemically treated against staining during their production. However, this does not mean that the rug will not be stained in any way. You can also check out our “How To Protect Your Rug from Moth Damage?" article to understand how to clean it properly without applying chemicals by making a tampon with a damp cloth.

  • Makeover Strategy

If you are bored and suffer from the plain style of your rooms at your home, adding a slight touch will make you feel better. To do that, you may feel like you have to make a fantastic investment in your home. However, adding an area rug will change the overall look and will complete a quick home makeover. 

Of course, the area rug you will buy and place afterward should depend on your home design. For this, you can try to search for area rugs on our website or consult us as well. 

We can also provide you with some makeover tips. 

  • If you have a vast room, a round area rug will best fit your room
  • If you have a relatively narrower room, a rectangle rug will be the best fit.
  • Choosing a different colored rug from the colors of your wall and floors will make the room's look more energetic and alive rather than dull.
  • If your rugs are adjustable and easy to carry, you can easily change their positions and make exchanges between different rooms if you want to add a different look.


  • Non-Slippery Surface

Safety is a fundamental issue that needs attention, especially in areas where there are small children and the elderly. In this sense, a stable and non-slippery surface is preferred on living spaces' floor, which prevents slips and falls or protects against injuries in case of any fall. Therefore, it is much safer to choose a soft and protective coating. An example for this is an area rug, rather than a stern and cold floor, as it creates a safe environment for people of all ages in the house.  

The Advantages of Area Rugs According to their Woven Method

  • Loop Pile

They are carpet types woven by needle punching method in yarns such as polypropylene, soft nylon, or polyamide. The most important feature of these carpets is that they have a round pile. The surface texture of the carpet is not cut-end. Since the loops are symmetrical, they look aesthetically pleasing. 

There are varieties such as;

  • plain curl
  • patterned curl
  • scrool curl 
  • printed curl carpet. 

After these rugs are woven, their soles are covered with a latex or textile-based base. The disadvantage of these carpets is that they can be removed quickly due to the roundness of the piles. However, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages; 

  • they are very durable
  • they can be easily preferred, especially in living areas with heavy traffic such as kitchens and hallways.


  • Tufting Carpet (Cut Pile)

It is a rug woven with polyamide, polyester, acrylic, wool yarns using the needle punching method. Unlike loop carpet weaving, the threads are cut with machine knives after the needle sinks into the surface it touches. Thus, a soft surface is formed. 

To keep the cut loops stable, the soles of tufting carpets are covered with latex and derivative materials. These types of carpets are very common nowadays. Plush, Shaggy and recently popular 3D/textured carpets are produced with this technology.

The advantages of tufted carpets

  • The pile length of carpets woven in this way is generally short. The reason for this is to bring the pattern to the fore.
  • Tufted carpets can be easily cleaned.
  • It reinforces the feeling of comfort and warmth.


  • Relief Carpet (Cut Loop Carpets)

Relief carpets are formed by cutting some of the pleasure surfaces woven in the machine and leaving the others uncut. As a result, they have soft and textured surfaces. 

The most important reason it keeps its softness and looks hairy for a long time is that some loops are long and others are shorter. Although the long ones are deformed over time, they can stay as new as the first day since the short ones are not stepped on.

The advantages of Relief Carpets;

  • Warm transitions can be created with different tones of color.
  • You can add movement to the space with a carpet with a textured surface.
  • You can easily hide dirt and stains, thanks to the color of the surface.

Fiber Types, Area Rugs and their Advantages

The types of rugs and the type of fiber or yarn the rug is woven are essential. You can decide which carpet you prefer according to the usage conditions in the living areas.

  • Nylon Carpet

Nylon is one of the most durable fibers of today. Especially if you are aiming for long-term use, you can choose a carpet made of nylon fiber. Nylon is a synthetic material. For this reason, it is both stain-proof and efficient to clean. It is also available in many varieties and colors.

Highlights of this Type:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Resistant to deterioration caused by chemicals and oils.
  • Many color options are available.
  • Moisture absorbency is less.


  • Soft/Soft Nylon

These are also known as acrylic fiber. It is similar in appearance and texture to wool, which we do not prefer from time to time due to maintenance conditions and cost. 

One of the prominent registered brands of this fiber is Anso. 


  • Durable and do not stain easily. 
  • Soft nylon fibers such as Anso and Caress can have antibacterial and antiallergic properties.


  • Olefin/Polypropylene

Olefin is one of the most preferred carpet types. Olefin is a synthetic fiber that is strong, aesthetic, and highly economical to produce. The most common carpets made from olefin are loop carpets. Olefin is a durable material. But it holds dust and dirt like a magnet. Therefore, it is difficult to clean.

Olefin is most suitable for outdoor use. For example, artificial grass is made of this material and can be used for many years. Wall-to-wall carpets, in which olefin is effectively preferred, are especially ideal for office environments.

Highlights of Olefin:

  • It is not easily eroded.
  • It has a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • It dries very quickly.
  • It is anti-static.
  • It is durable against moisture and sun rays.
  • Lightweight.


  • Polyester (PET)

This fiber, which is also obtained from recycled materials, is one of the most popular fibers of today. Its softness is impressive. However, its elasticity is deficient, and it is difficult to clean. As a result, it can lose its original appearance very quickly, especially in living areas with high traffic. While purchasing a polyester carpet, it is helpful to know that this appearance will soon deteriorate although it is very impressive with its texture and appearance. Polyester, which is often preferred because its costs and prices are very economical, is not very easy to maintain.

Highlights of polyester Rugs:

  • Durable
  • It doesn't shrink when washed
  • Dries quickly
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Resistant to abrasion


  • Smartstrand

Smartstrand, also known as Sorona, which is the invention of Dupont made of corn grain, is considered a new fiber. It lags behind nylon fiber in terms of durability but still has durability and has advantages. 

Highlights of Smarstrand;

  • durability 
  • stain-resistant properties


  • Wool

It is the highest quality fiber. Unfortunately, wool fiber, which is almost as old as human history, is not as resistant to moisture and humidity as synthetic fibers are. It can also stain very quickly. But it is easy to clean.

You can use a wool carpet for many years in accordance with the carpet washing instructions. When the pile height is maintained, it does not wear out quickly. In addition, wool carpets become more valuable as they age. Wool fiber, where you can find natural color options, is perhaps a less functional but quality material.

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