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For so many reasons!

Rug purists love that vintage rugs honor a rich tradition of artisan tapestry makers who meticulously weave and knot a rug by hand.

Some purchase vintage because they favor the authenticity and elegance of a gently faded, worn-in look that distinguishes it from “vintage-like” new rugs that have been artificially faded.

It’s also viewed as a way to reduce our carbon footprint by reclaiming a rug that is still in perfectly usable condition.

Regardless of the reason, the age and history of a vintage rug make a beautiful statement piece.

The traditional handwoven, naturally-dyed process is labor intensive, but produces a rug that in the end is durable and ages gracefully.

All the rugs we sell go through an extensive cleaning process to ensure that the quality is what you expect from a vintage rug.

As vintage pieces, our rugs have natural wear and tear, but we think these imperfections only add to the beauty and timelessness of the rug.

You may notice slight discolorations on the underside of the rug, but we ensure that the front-facing design of the rug meets all our standards for quality and does not detract from the overall aesthetic.

Some vintage rugs have visible tie-offs that look like white dots.

They are part of the handmade process and occur where weavers tie off strings from the warp that can break during hand-weaving.

They do not compromise the integrity of the rug in any way, and can be more pronounced with low-pile shaven rugs.

They are ready to use as soon as you receive them!

We do our best to make sure rug colors are represented as accurately as possible.

The photos that we take of our rugs are color corrected to match the actual color of the rug as seen in person.

There may be slight variations in what you see on your computer depending on the screen’s color, contrast, and brightness. Within the product descriptions, we will also note any inherent color variations.

If the color of your new rug is not what you were expecting, we are happy to work with you to get you the color you had envisioned.

We recommend that you regularly vacuum your rug to remove dirt and grime.

Depending on how heavily your rug is used, just once or twice a month is adequate. Too much vacuuming can wear down the knots and fibers more quickly.

If you have a suction attachment on your vacuum cleaner, use that instead of a rotary vacuum.

Every few months, you’ll also want to flip your rug over and vacuum the back to get the grit out of the foundation of the rug.

It also helps to rotate your rug once a year to ensure even wear over time.

According to most experts, "vintage" refers to an item 20 to 100 years old. If it is more than 100 years old, it's considered "antique".

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