Runner models are especially used in the halls, kitchens, and bedrooms of the houses on the sides of the bed. In general, these models have a long but narrow structure in size. With this feature, it does not extend under the furniture.

If you are planning to buy a runner, you can see different options together in this category. Each of these, with its special structure, gives living spaces both a functional and aesthetic structure.

Our brand offers you runner models by combining quality with reasonable prices. If you evaluate each one individually, you can discover the most suitable one’s for you in a short time.

Where Can Runners Be Used?

Runners are used in all living spaces today. The use of the runner models we offer you can be shaped according to your needs. If your kitchen has a long and narrow structure, the runner models we offer you can give an answer to your needs.

Apart from this, it can be used as a standard in the intermediate halls of houses in general. You can also use it in the bedrooms. Especially the side part of the beds is often left empty. Because it is very difficult to find a suitable rug model here. Runners offer you a solution at this point.

You can evaluate all our options and choose the ones that suit you best.

What are the Advantages of Runners?

People expect an advantageous use from rug models. The premium models offered by our brand provide you with advantages such as:

  1. Increases sound insulation with lower floors.
  2. It allows you to hit the ground more firmly and not to slide when you step on it.
  3. It gives a new aesthetic appearance to the place where it is used.
  4. It allows you to step on the ground warmly in cold weather.
  5. Thanks to its different colors and models, it is very easy to find the most suitable options for your needs.

The runner models offered by our brand offer both functional and aesthetic advantages in this regard. In this way, it can be used efficiently in your living spaces.

What are the Features of Runners?

The runner models offered to you by our brand are hand woven. Therefore, it can be used in living spaces without any problems. It has a durable structure due to its weaving loop by loop. Even after many years, it can be easily used without any problems.

Root dyes are used during the weaving of the rugs. For this reason, it can be used without losing its colors even after years. If you wash it correctly, hand woven rug models allow you to be satisfied with the results.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Runner?

Our brand offers you different options in the runner category. They vary in model, color, and size to cater to every living space and personal taste.


Therefore, it is recommended to examine it in detail before purchasing. Thus, it is possible to reach the most suitable options for you.

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