Are you looking for a vintage rug with preserved and vibrant colors? It may sound impossible to have both at the same time, but it's not — overdyed rugs are here to prove it. Our unique selection of overdyed rugs will bring a breath of new life to any room, quickly becoming your favorite decorative asset!


More About Overdyed Vintage Rugs

If you're not familiar with vintage rugs, you may not quite know what an overdyed rug is.

What is an Overdyed Rug?

Overdyed rugs are vintage rugs with a modern twist — they're color dyed and improved to suit today's tastes better. Thanks to additional dyeing, these rugs are often bold, vibrant, and rather eye-catching. Still, they preserve the patterns and craftsmanship of the past.

In many ways, overdyeing a rug helps its preservation and makes it appealing to modern buyers. Many of the faded, weathered Turkish rugs would probably never find any use again if it weren't for this overdyeing trend. We can now enjoy the unique and exquisite vintage pieces that still haven't lost any of their value.

How are Overdyed Vintage Rugs Made?

How overdyeing is done is no secret — nowadays, many firms specialize in this process. Still, considering the typically used carpets are pretty old, they have to be treated with particular care. Thus, we recommend you get your overdyed rugs only from trusted sources.

The Process of Over-dyeing a Vintage Rug:

Washing and cleaning the rug with a mild detergent to ensure that there is no residue and dirt of any kind.

Neutralizing the rug's colors using the sun — you remove the remaining color from the carpet in preparation for the new color. This process doesn't alter the pattern on the rug, though.

Dyeing in one color — the rug soaks up in a mixture of warm water and dye until it takes on the color. You can repeat this stage a few times for a more vibrant shade.

Washing, rinsing, and setting the color — you wash all excess dye away in this process. If you complete this step correctly, the new color should last for decades to come.

Drying — usually, overdyed rugs dry in the sun, which helps set the color further.

How Do I Style an Overdyed Vintage Rug to My Room?

Thanks to the over-dyeing process, carpets tend to be quite bold and vibrant. As such, they will be the first thing most people notice, a sort of a centerpiece of the room. For that reason, many experienced designers suggest that you choose the rug first and then figure out the kind of furniture that could go with it.

But of course, you may not want to change your entire room just to accommodate a rug. Don't worry about that — you'll find many pieces at Biev that will surely suit your room perfectly without overshadowing other elements.

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