Oversized spaces call for oversized area rugs. Oversized vintage rugs below are perfect for spacious living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. This collection contains the largest rugs in our inventory.

More About Oversized Vintage Area Rugs

If a rug is larger than 10x13, it would be considered an "oversized" rug. Oversized rugs are great fits for generous rooms and houses, especially if you want the wall-to-wall carpet feeling just like in hotels. In this way, you would add a soul to the space you live in with the colors and the patterns of the rug.

These types of carpet options not only appeal to customers who want to design a rich and ostentatious environment but also are a good choice that comforts their wallets as well.

Why do People Purchase Oversized Vintage Rugs?

Many people choose oversized rugs for cosmetic reasons since it can get difficult to cover the floor in a vast room. So, you create an amazing historic atmosphere as you fill an ample space. Hence, many people choose to layer massive places with oversized rugs, which makes it seem the generous area has two or more sections, reminding us of the decorative perspective of choosing oversized rugs.

How to Place an Oversized Vintage Rug

An oversized vintage rug works perfectly in a large place as it reduces the empty feeling of floating layouts of the open floor plans. Therefore, it creates an attractive frame for the other decorations and visual boundary around the seating area. In this way, you get a chance to highlight the colors and significance of your furniture as well as positioning all your furniture on top of the rug.

Common Sizes for Oversized Vintage Rugs

Common sizes for oversized rugs are:

10x14, 12x16, 14x18, 9x12, 10x12, 12x12, 12x15, 13x18, 13x20, 14x18, 15x18

Where to Find Oversized Vintage Rugs?

You can find oversized Turkish rugs on our website. Generally, it's a good idea to view the carpet you want to buy physically, so you can always visit our showrooms to determine if the rug is like the rugs in your dream, if the color is suitable for your house, etc. You can also negotiate the price for the carpet. However, if you can't or don't want to visit our showrooms, you can always check our website to see the available oversized rugs that could be a perfect fit for your house or office. We would be delighted to offer you our rugs which are in hundreds of designs and colors. Browse our collection and find your dream oversized rug online at Biev!

How to Use Oversized Vintage Rugs?

If you bought an oversized rug, we have some creative solutions for you! With the extra-extra-large pieces, you can create an illusion of more space if you arrange your furnishings accordingly. The decisions that you make could offer you a place that you want and make it cozier and more welcoming.

So, using a rug that is way bigger than your furniture’s functional space could be a great way of creating this illusion. For instance, if you place your oversized medallion rug under the couch or the coffee table in the living room, it would make the space appear bigger. On top of it, if your oversized neutral rug sits under all the couch, the coffee table, and additional seating, it would highlight the furniture more. In addition, it can make an ample open space feel more intimate and cozier by connecting all the elements. For example, using an oversized carpet which can be placed under the dining table creates a definite space for dining.

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