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Patterned rugs are incredibly versatile, securing a place among the most famous carpets out there. No matter what style your room is in, a patterned vintage rug will indeed complement it, as long as you find the perfect one.


More About Patterned Vintage Rugs

If you’ve browsed through our oriental patterned rugs collection, you probably saw that there are hundreds of them. Yet, you’re no expert on rugs, so you might have a hard time figuring out what the right one is for you. Well, let us give you a bit more information on patterned rugs to help you out!

How Does a Patterned Vintage Rug Look Like?

Unlike a medallion rug, which has a focus element surrounded by supporting motifs, patterned carpets only have a border and a field. The border usually has its own, separate design, while the field is the patterned space within this border. The carpet can represent all sorts of things regarding the pattern — be it geometrical shapes or vines and flowers.

Ultimately, any rug that has no central and unifying element can belong to the patterned rug category. The patterns can be rather complicated or relatively simple, and you’ll find both in our shop. It’s up to you to decide what kind of Turkish rug would best compliment your room.

Which Patterned Vintage Rug Should you Choose?

Not all patterned carpets are equal, so they won’t all suit every kind of room. To help you figure out what kind of a patterned rug would be perfect for your needs, we’ll introduce you to the two most common designs — resolved and unresolved.

In short, resolved carpets look perfectly planned out, with all elements ending just at the border, giving the rug a complete feel. On the other hand, unresolved carpets may appear snipped off. It may feel like the designer suddenly decided to finish the rug, cutting off parts of the elements and placing the border.

Thanks to its finished look, resolved rugs feel more formal and scholarly. Thus, they are excellent for guest rooms or less casual areas in your home. However, if you want to make a room feel larger, an unresolved carpet is the way to go. Because the pattern is snipped off, our brains automatically fill in the missing parts. That way, the rug creates an illusion of space.

Which Motifs do Patterned Vintage Rugs have?

As we said, these rugs are incredibly versatile. It’s hard to categorize them due to that correctly, but we’ve still decided to mention a few types you’ll encounter. Those include:

Rugs with simple, repeated symbols — usually, they feature a geometric motif that represents some sort of a concept.

Carpets with complex repeated motifs — most commonly, these feature sprays of flowers and vines.

Meandering patterns — these designs feature a single repeated motif, but its placement on the carpet may seem random. Rugs with this sort of pattern have quite an artistic feel.

In the end, no matter what sort of patterned vintage rug you need, you’ll find it at Biev. Don’t hesitate to experiment, either — you never know what might work perfectly for your room!


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