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Whoever said neutral equals boring has never seen a well-made neutral vintage rug. Despite their inconspicuous colors and straightforward design, neutral rugs can indeed tie all elements in your room together. They work perfectly both with natural, earthy tones and bright, vibrant shades.


More About Neutral Vintage Rugs

Even if you have a vague idea of what you need, it can be pretty challenging to choose from dozens of neutral vintage rugs out there.

What are Neutral Vintage Rugs?

It may be pretty obvious to some of you, but we still want to clarify — neutral rugs are those that come in neutral shades. That has nothing to do with the pattern itself or its complexity. Neutral vintage rugs can still feature elaborate designs, medallions, and complex ornaments.

Which Colors are Common for Neutral Rugs?

Usually, they come in beige, white, cream, grey, and taupe. However, you’ll also encounter light blue rugs or even bright green rugs. As long as the shade isn’t too vibrant and doesn’t catch the eye right away, it can be considered neutral. 

Would a Neutral Vintage Rug Compliment my Room?

Though it may not seem like neutral colors would make your space memorable, that’s not the case. Many excellent interior designers love using neutral tones in their designs. You can find numerous examples online that showcase cream, white, or grey furniture combined with white walls and uncomplicated carpets.

Neutral shades achieve something vibrant colors can’t — a sense of peace, tranquility, and effortless chic. Because the colors are so mild, the eye has an easier time spotting the details and the precision of the design. A room decorated in neutral tones has a sort of timeless elegance to it, the kind of classic feel that’s difficult to capture. And isn’t that just the impression you want your guests to have?

How do you Incorporate a Vintage Neutral Rug into your Room?

Neutral rugs are a great choice, but you might be wondering how to use them to their full potential. Well, don’t worry — we have a few ideas we’ll gladly share with you.

If your room is already full of neutral tones, choose a large Turkish neutral rug to bring everything together. This type of carpet will add a new sense of tranquility, texture, and detail to the room. You can also place multiple rugs to achieve an impactful layered look.

Even if your room is bright and vibrant, a neutral carpet won’t be out of place. On the contrary, it will provide a perfect background for the colorful elements of your room. So, go ahead and choose one of our neutral rugs to try it out — we promise you’ll love the result!


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