This collection contains our large vintage rugs which range from 5x10, 6x9 to 6x10. Large rugs are well suited for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and nurseries. All the vintage rugs below are handmade and in excellent condition.


Large Rugs

Large rugs are preferred especially in large rooms today. These can extend to the bottom of the furniture and cover a large part of the room.

These rugs, which we offer you in this category, have different sizes. Therefore, the areas covered by each are different. You can evaluate each of them and discover the most suitable one for you.

Our brand offers different solutions in this category by combining aesthetics with quality. You can examine them all and choose the ones that best suit your home.

Large Rug Usage Areas

Large rug usage areas are quite wide. In general, it can be used comfortably in all homes. It is possible to use it without any problems in rooms such as:

  1. Children's Rooms
  2. Bedrooms vintage rugs
  3. Guest Rooms
  4. Living Rooms

Large rug models can meet all needs in this regard. If you examine all the options available in our category, you can quickly discover the ones that best suit your home.

What are the Pros of Large Rug Models?

Large rug models give living spaces both a functional and aesthetic structure. In general terms, these can be given as items:

  1. Supports sound insulation at home.
  2. Features marble floors can result in frequent slippage. In this respect, the rug allows you to step on the ground safely.
  3. It adds color to the room thanks to its different rug colors, models, and patterns.
  4. It can be used effectively in both hot and cold weather.

Large rug advantages apply to all living spaces.

What Features Does the Large Rug Have?

Every person wants first class quality from the rugs they use at home. Our brand offers general features such as the following within the scope of large vintage rug models:

  1. All rugs are hand woven. Therefore, it is extremely durable.
  2. It can maintain its quality for years.
  3. If it is washed correctly, it can be used for years.
  4. It is colored with root dye.

In addition, these models that we offer you can be washed in rug cleaning companies without any problems. However, it is also possible to wash it at home. Large rug features may also differ according to the yarn it is woven. Our brand offers you options that you can use advantageously in this context.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Large Rug?

If you are planning to buy large rugs, there are some things you should know beforehand. The first of these is the model of the product you bought. Our brand offers you different colors and models. You can review all of them and discover the ones that best suit you and your room.

The second is their size. Although these rugs are large, they have different sizes in themselves. Therefore, the areas they cover also differ. Therefore, it is recommended to examine it according to the place where you will lay it before purchasing. So, you can see how much space it occupies when you lay it.

Finally, the yarns used should be checked. Thus, you can both learn its extra features and wash it correctly at home. By taking care of all these, you can obtain rugs that you can use efficiently for many years.

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