If you would like to incorporate something bold, beautiful, and unique into your interior design, you’re bound to love our Anatolian rugs. We combine intense colors with traditional designs to create mesmerizing vintage rugs. Our Anatolian rugs are available in all kinds of colors, sizes, and shapes, so it’s up to you to decide which one fits your style the best.


More About Vintage Anatolian Rugs

Which Anatolian Rug Should you Choose?

Ultimately, we have plenty of eye-catching designs for you to choose from. But if you’ve never owned an Anatolian rug before, we’re well aware of how overwhelming it can be to select a design. 

While we cannot tell you which rug to purchase, what we can do is give you a few pointers. When buying a carpet, the first thing you need to decide is where you would like to place it. There’s a huge difference between purchasing a rug for a small room versus purchasing one for a large one. 

Simply put, small rooms require medium to large rugs, whereas, with larger rooms, it’s up to you to decide. Adding a large rug to a small room will create an illusion of grandeur. Furthermore, if there isn’t much natural lighting in the room, you should ultimately go for brighter color combinations. 

How Durable are Anatolian Vintage Rugs?

Anatolian rugs are made from wool on a wool foundation. They’re softer than most of the rugs you’ll find online and have thinner knots, making them more expensive to source and, of course, more valuable. You won’t catch us using any cheap synthetic materials such as nylon. And that’s precisely why we can say with certainty that our Anatolian rugs are made to last. 

In fact, with the proper care, your rug could last you a lifetime. That’s why buying one is an excellent investment.

Machine-made rugs are typically made with nylon, which isn’t biodegradable, and more importantly, it lacks the elasticity of wool. This means that after a few years of walking on a machine-made rug, the fibers will become lifeless and matted.

But wool has incredible elasticity. So even after decades of walking on a wool rug, the fibers won’t lose their luster.

Furthermore, when it comes to the luxurious colors, you can count on them staying as vibrant as they were when you first bought your rug. All you need to do is rotate the carpet once every three months. This will keep the color from fading unevenly throughout the years.

Are Anatolian Rugs Easy to Clean?

Most people are hesitant about buying an Anatolian rug simply because they’re afraid it’s too difficult to clean. But that’s not the case at all.

In fact, would you believe it if we said that all you need is a damp cloth and nothing else to get rid of stains? And that you don’t need any fancy cleaning supplies or add-ons for your vacuum? What’s more, if you vacuum weekly, you won’t even have to worry about any shedding.

Why Should I Purchase an Anatolian Rug?

Apart from the gorgeous colors and mesmerizing designs, people consider buying our vintage rugs for one crucial reason 一 they’re all one-of-a-kind. 

We source each rug with care, which takes quite a bit of patience on our end. But it was well worth it when we get to see the end result! 

All in all, when you buy one of our rugs, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art right there on your floor for everyone to admire. Wouldn’t you say that sounds quite appealing?

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