A gray vintage rug can add a hint of depth to your room without overwhelming the area with too many colors. Gray Turkish rugs come in a wide variety of beautiful styles and patterns, making it easy to choose a style that will complement your interior design. You can tone down the brightness of your room by adding a rug with darker gray tones. On the other hand, you can accentuate your decor with a patchwork area rug.


More About Gray Vintage Rugs

Typically, a gray area rug would be the obvious choice for any household. It’s what you could call a safe choice. Gray isn’t an overpowering color, and it doesn’t shift people’s attention from the rest of your decor. However, this isn’t the case with vintage Turkish rugs. 

The intricate designs, combined with the beautiful craftsmanship, all work together to create a beautiful work of art right there on your floor. What’s more, you have a vast array of different patterns and shades to choose from. The variety makes it easy to pick a rug that can complement your walls and decor.  

Which Gray Vintage Rug Should I Choose?

Depending on which area you plan on furnishing, we have many different rugs for you to pick. For example, patchwork rugs are a more classic choice. They work best in dining rooms and bedrooms, whereas some more complex patterns look stunning in spacious living rooms. 

For areas with brightly colored walls, or eye-catching furniture pieces, adding a gray rug will create a harmonious balance and restore balance to your room. All in all, this color has a way of brightening up any space and toning it down at the same time. But we’re sure you will understand what we mean when you see our designs. 

How Durable are Gray Vintage Rugs?

The durability of these semi-antique rugs is quite remarkable. Each vintage rug is hand-woven using pure wool on a cotton foundation, with the edges carefully hand-sewn. 

Machine-made rugs aren’t meant to last for more than five years, whereas our rugs will last you for several decades. The durability in part thanks to lanolin, which is a naturally occurring oil in wool. Lanolin is what makes wool rugs much more resistant to stains than any other materials. 

We should also mention that, with the proper care, your rug can look as beautiful as the day you purchased it for quite a while. 

How Should I Take Care of my Gray Vintage Rug?

It may seem hard to believe, but simply rotating your gray vintage rug once every three months and vacuuming in one direction will keep the fibers intact and the colors vibrant. What’s more, regular vacuuming with just the suction will help significantly reduce any shedding.

And in case something spills on your medallion rug, there’s no need to panic. Spot cleaning with a damp cloth will get rid of any stains without ruining the integrity of the material. But keep in mind that using cleaning products and soap will damage your rug. Avoid using these products at all costs.  

Will my Gray Vintage Rug be Ready to Use?

When your rug is delivered, there’s no need for any maintenance. We make sure to wash and clean each rug before we list it on our website. You can use the rug as soon as you receive it!

Why is a Gray Vintage Rug a Good Choice if I'm a First-Time Buyer?

Ultimately, if you’ve always wanted to own a Turkish rug but haven’t been able to make up your mind on what design and color to choose, buying a gray overdyed rug could be the best solution. Gray is just one of those neutral colors that can fit anywhere, regardless of the colors surrounding it.

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