Small rugs are a rug model that can be used especially in narrow areas. If your living space is very narrow, using a very large rug may not satisfy you aesthetically.

In addition, if you want a modern living space, rug models that cover only a part of the room can still help you get very good results.

If you examine the small rugs we offer you under this category one by one, it is possible to discover the most suitable one’s for you in a short time.

Where Can Small Rug Models Be Used?

Small rugs are widely used. Since it has different dimensions, it can be easily used in different parts of the living spaces. Examples of usage areas in this regard can be given as follows:

  1. Living Rooms
  2. Guest Rooms
  3. Bedrooms
  4. Children's Rooms

So whatever your needs are, small rugs can adapt to it without a problem.

What are the Advantages of Small Rugs?

If you choose a rug that suits your needs, you can benefit from many advantages. These can be listed as follows in general terms:

  1. The rug, which creates a feeling of warmth with millions of threads in its structure, also provides insulation against extreme heat or cold.
  2. With their color and texture, rugs not only add simplicity, comfort, and softness to spaces, but also create an invigorating effect with the bright colors used.
  3. The rug creates a safe environment for people of all ages in the home, thanks to its softness and speed-reducing effect.
  4. The rug, apart from being a beautiful floor covering, is a product that also provides sound insulation.

In this way, the advantages of small rugs are seen both functionally and aesthetically.

What are the Small Rugs Features?

Each rug has different features coming from its weaving. All the products we offer you in this category are hand woven rugs. In general, it has the following aspects with its quality structures:

  1. It can be used for many years as it is manufactured by hand.
  2. Root dyes were used for dyeing. Therefore, it will not be damaged in long-term use.
  3. If washed properly, it can efficiently maintain its quality for years.
  4. It can be washed at home or given to rug cleaning companies.

Small rugs features are very functional in this regard.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Small Rugs?

If you want to use the small rugs you bought smoothly and efficiently, there are some points that you should pay attention to.

All rug models we offer you are different. For this reason, the yarns from which it is produced may differ. The features it offers, and the washing recommendations differ according to its yarns. Therefore, it is recommended that you evaluate them when purchasing.

The measurements of our rug models are written on the products. Before purchasing, it is recommended to make the necessary calculations according to where you plan to lay. This way you can see how it will look before you buy it.

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