Collection: Persian Rugs

Persian rugs have a hand-woven structure. These rugs, woven in Anatolia and Iran, are widely woven by Azeri, Kaskay and Turkmen communities, especially in Iran.

Rug culture in Iran can be traced back to ancient times. However, their existence is well seen in the 14th and 15th centuries. By the 16th century, these rugs, which gained great importance, almost lived their bright periods.

Persian rugs were hand-woven and widely used in palaces. Rugs belonging to these periods are still available today and are stored and exhibited in different parts of the world. Especially in the 19th century, the export of these rugs began to take place.

Although the Persian rug is old, its motifs and design concepts have come to the present day by constantly changing.

What are the Features of Persian Rug?

There are many things that can be said within the scope of what is the feature of Persian rugs. All of these add a great deal of usefulness to these rug models. These features can be mentioned as follows;

  1. It has a glossy texture like velvet.
  2. It is soft and comfortable.
  3. It has finely crafted details.
  4. Each centimeter contains between 10 and 14 knots.
  5. It is produced especially us... Read More