How To Protect Your Rug from Moth Damage

How To Protect Your Rug from Moth Damage

Most people today like to use carpets, rugs, or runners as part of their furnishings since it provides warmth and softness to home décor. In our daily lives, we commonly use carpets not only in homes but also in offices as well. The use of carpets, which offer a decorative appearance as well as saving heat, is preferred in accordance with the dimensions, color options, and the design of the room to be used.  

As much as we love to have it at home or the office, we neglect to take care of it. The different furniture on it, food crumbs, traces of drinks, or maybe the dust we brought to the carpet from other parts of the house are enough for the rug to change. Rugs, especially the ones which have various features according to product features and materials used, have a sensitive structure in the direction of their feathers. When these carpets are overlooked, not appropriately cleaned, and not maintained enough, not only does it result in their loss of color and softness over time, but also moth problems can also occur. On top of that, cleaning method carpets is much more complicated than cleaning ordinary carpets.

What Are Moths and Why Do They Damage? 

Of course, to avoid these moths, get rid of them and their damage; you must first know how they look and why they damage your beautiful carpets. They reproduce once or five times, usually from April and May, when spring comes or when they find a warm environment. You do not have to be afraid since they do not harm people, but they are harmful animal species. This is because they can damage carpets or woolen fabrics, or they both destroy and spoil their taste by eating dry foods. Carpet moths are among the most invasive moth varieties, in addition to grain moth, clothes moth, and flour moth. Moths get their name from what they feed on. The carpet moth also lives inside the carpet and feeds on the carpet's dust, dirt, and hairs. The carpet moth, which is smaller than cloth and grain moth, has distinctive and characteristic features. 

Specifically, The Carpet Moth

The reason why these moths live in carpets is that the carpet is dusty and neglected. In fact, moths live in nature. They can survive on a bird or a thick-skinned animal. Because they are small, they are not easily noticed in the wild. However, the damage they cause can reach a visible level, and carpet moths can devour your entire carpet. If the damage to your carpet is not too significant, the moths that have taken over your carpet may be clothes moths. Your home may create the perfect environment for carpet moths, especially during springtime. It becomes even more attractive if your carpet is placed in an airless and humid place. They can live on carpets for a long time without leaving any traces. However, you do not have to wait too long to see the damage they have left. Carpet moths multiplying in a short time show the marks they leave in a few weeks. If you have a worn and dusty carpet, it means that you are exposed to a moth infestation. If these can extremely damage your carpet, you will find what you need to do to keep it away from damage if you keep reading this article. 

 The Following Steps that You Should Do to Keep the Moths Away from Your Carpet

1- Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Vacuuming frequently should be performed as the first operation for the carpet that has moths. In order to remove the moths thoroughly, meaning plundering their habitat, removing both moths and their eggs and dust, sweeping should be done with a vacuum cleaner with high suction power. If the vacuum cleaner has a low suction power, the moths may not be taken well enough. If necessary, the carpet should be swept more than once. A pressing and detailed sweeping phase is essential. Although vacuuming is a compelling method to get rid of the moths, it may not be enough to get rid of moths.

2- A magical Mixture 

In addition to the vacuuming method, a bucket of water with vinegar added to it should be prepared immediately after sweeping. Depending on the carpet size, the ratio of 2 glasses of water to 1 glass of vinegar could be increased or changed. If it is a large carpet, a bottle of vinegar should be added to a water bottle. After the vinegar water is prepared, this water is sprinkled well on the mothed carpet, and the carpet is moistened without getting too wet.

3- Moistened the Carpet with the Magical Mixture 

Furthermore, the moistened carpet with vinegar and water should be thoroughly brushed with a stiff bristle brush. It is vital to choose a brush suitable for the type of carpet in order not to damage the carpet. 

4- Let it Breath! 

Moreover, after brushing it with vinegar and water, the carpet should be well ventilated. Since the hairs will fluff well with the brushing process, the carpet hairs will become suitable for airing. For this process, it is necessary to ventilate and let it dry in an open area or an area where it will not be polluted, such as a balcony. The ventilation process will also allow the smell of vinegar to disappear, which can be bothersome for some people. 

What To Do to Keep Away the Moths While Storing the Carpet 

In addition to protecting the carpet away from moth damage, let's talk about what to do when storing the carpets and when you will not use them. 

A- Stay Away From Humid Places

While storing your carpet, one of the most important things for you to pay attention to is the place where you store your carpet. Most people put them in basements under their homes or in cupboards on the roof. In fact, we need to state that the relationship with the humidity is more important than the location of the ground. So, whether you put it at your home, in one of the smallest storage rooms, or in a large closet, be sure to store them in a dry area, which is free from moisture. Because humidity is the biggest enemy of your carpets, it also affects your home or office by causing mold growth between the piles. Thus, you should pay attention to ensure that the place where you store your carpet is not stuffy and humid, especially during the summer. If necessary, you should regularly ventilate your carpets to breathe.

B- Rolling for the Fragility 

Of course, we all know that carpets should be stored by rolling them up. However, what most of us have overlooked is that carpets should be stored in rolls not because of their weight and thickness but because of their fragile structure. So, it may be easier or may seem more logical for you to fold rugs, tracks, and some thin carpet types, but you should definitely not do this. No matter how thin or fragile they are, all carpet types and models must be stored in rolls to preserve their structural integrity.

C- Heroes That Can Fight with Moths: Mothballs, Naphthalene or Natural Odors

Especially wool carpets and rugs that you do not use will become moth-proof in a short time. For this reason, mothballs or naphthalene, which protects them from moths, are placed between them when storing the carpets, when you are not using them. Although it is very effective for moths, it has been discussed that naphthalene has not been a very healthy and natural substance in the last couple of years. Therefore, it has been recommended that it should not be kept in homes with children or in places where people with allergies live, mainly due to its heavy odor and sublimating substance. 

But it does not mean that we cannot prevent moths from the carpets. There are also natural and much better-smelling solutions that you can use instead of naphthalene.  The most common and most fragrant of these are lavender and clove. If you put the lavender sachets created from dried lavender or the dry clove sachets between your carpets while rolling them, they will also be protected from moths. Another common method is to use a soap grater instead of mothballs. Of course, in order for the soap grater not to stick to the carpet piles, you need to turn the soap into a pouch again with a kind of breathable fabric such as gauze. In addition, just to make sure, at least once every two months, ventilate your carpets and rugs and renew the naphthalene. 

D- A Direct Medical Solution 

After all the things you can do yourself at home, you can also buy medicine for months that can be found in many markets. This can be put on moth-hazardous areas. Or you can get professional support from pesticide companies and have your home, warehouse, or workplace sprayed. You may have to pay a little bit extra money to get rid of these little creatures at your home, but in the end, you will be able to protect your rug from moth damage.

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