The Benefits of Using Rugs for Noise Reduction and Insulation

The Benefits of Using Rugs for Noise Reduction and Insulation

Rugs are products used in many living areas today. When these pieces are chosen correctly, they bring many advantages to living spaces. One of the rug advantages is about sounds.

Although people are careful and slow, noises are made when stepping on the ground. There is always the possibility of this situation disturbing the downstairs neighbors.

The use of rugs is a factor that can help people in this regard. It creates a buffer between the ground and your feet. Thus, it helps less noise go away. In addition, rugs also have different features. Choosing a suitable rug for your living space allows you to use it well in your homes.

Comfort And Insulatıon

The rug, which creates a feeling of warmth with millions of yarns in its structure, also provides insulation against extreme heat or cold.

As the rug creates a more stable air temperatures on the floor, it helps more comfortable environment. In cold seasons or climates, the rug preserves the warm air for a long time. In our age, where energy consumption needs to be treated carefully, rug benefits provides a lot by features. Likewise, in hot weather, it creates an insulation against excessive heat.

Aesthetıc Look

A well-choosen rug can decorate your room very quickly. Therefore, the color and texture characteristics of this product are very important.

Thanks to their color and texture options, rugs not only add simplicity, comfort and softness to spaces. They also helps create an invigorating effect with the bright colors used. Kilim rug is one of the most effective and easiest ways to personalize a house.

Safety Agaınst Slıp And Falls

Safety is a key concern, especially in areas with small children and the elderly. A stable, non-slippery surface is choosen on the floor of living spaces. Thus, it helps preventing slips and falls or protects against injuries in case of a fall.

It is much safer to choose a soft and protective covering such as a rug rather than a hard and cold floor, especially since toddlers' movements are difficult to control. Rug features creates a safe environment for people of all ages in the home, thanks to its softness and speed-reducing effect.

Sound Insulatıon Features

Computers, phones, big screen televisions and video games that have become a part of our lives with the developing technology cause our living spaces to become much more noisy than they are. The simplest solution to this airborne noise is the rugs located right under our feet. Rug benefits, in addition to being a beautiful floor covering, is also a product that provides sound insulation. In addition, it also increases comfort by providing an aesthetic atmosphere in spaces.

Easy Maıntenance

A simple regular routine maintenance can extend the life of your rug. It is sufficient maintenance to sweep the areas subject to heavy traffic every few days and to clean the remaining parts once a week. Most of the rugs produced nıw  are chemically treated against staining.

However, users must be careful always, because it does not mean the rug will not be stained in any way. If you spill anything on your rug, you can prevent staining by cleaning it as quickly as possible.

Advantages For The Elderly

Rug features on the ground are very important for older people. Floors covered with rug are much safer, especially for the elderly, who are at risk of danger. Thus, they can step on the ground more confidently and walk without slipping.

Are Carpets and Rugs the Same?

Although carpet and rug are considered the same by many, they are completely different. These changes they have can be summarized as follows:

  1. Both of them have different forms and methods of making.
  2. Carpets are generally thick, rugs are finely woven.
  3. Carpets are larger and wider than rugs.
  4. Rugs are not woven, they are mostly made by knitting the yarns by intertwining and passing them through each other.
  5. In carpet production, it is looped with the double knot method and cut with scissors.
  6. The patterns of the rug are generally more symmetrical, this symmetry is not sought in the carpets.
  7. Rug has a thinner structure in terms of structure.

However, rug benefits are quite a lot as we mentioned. Using them in living spaces allows you to achieve productive results.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Rugs?

What should be considered when buying rugs? First of all, you need to decide where you will lay the rug. Thus, it is possible that you will be more satisfied with the size when you buy it.

In addition, if you take the measurements of the place you will lay, you can get rugs in the exact size you want. Finally, when choosing a rug, you should also look at the design features and the material it is woven. Thanks to all these, better solutions can be found.

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