The Influence of Turkish and Persian Rugs on Modern Interior Design

The Influence of Turkish and Persian Rugs on Modern Interior Design

Everyone's expectations from rugs are different. If you are looking for both modern and traditional styles, Turkish rugs and Persian rugs offer you an advantageous use in your living spaces.

Since these rugs are woven at home, synthetic material is not included in any way. Since the dyes are root dyes and obtained from plants, they can be used effectively for many years.

By combining these rugs with modern designs, you can use more vivid and impressive home designs. You can use both types in all rooms in your home.

From Tribal to Modern: The Evolution of Turkish Rug Designs

Weaving is one of the oldest jobs that people have worked on. Since the obtained fibers were not long, they were not suitable for weaving. Making yarn by adding vegetable or animal fibers to each other has been an important invention in terms of giving the opportunity to make weavings of the desired length. Historically, the art of weaving has been developed in the Turks since ancient times.

Hand-Weaving has been the artistic pursuit of Turkish society with examples of  rugs. Nomadic societies living in the steppes of Central Asia and forming the steppe culture are generally engaged in hunting and animal husbandry. In addition to the production of hides, fur, hair and wool, it made its shelters with animal weaving materials and equipped it with rugs and woolen weavings.

Until the Turks came to Anatolia from Central Asia, they met and interacted with many cultures. For this reason, the motifs observed in the rugs have also changed over time. Similarly, Persian rug art has a very deep-rooted structure. If you want to offer the best solutions to your living spaces and make them look colorful, we offer you the solutions you are looking for.

How Persian Rugs Add Elegance and Sophistication to Contemporary Spaces

The Persian rug is one of the most famous rugs in the world, traditionally produced by hand weaving in both Iran and Anatolia. Persian rugs are woven by hand and quality fibers are used. It is combined with traditional weaving techniques.

Persian rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors. Plus, there are different sizes too. Thus, they appeal to a many peoples tastes. Due to hand-woven by people over time, it has a unique and special touch.

These products are produced in different regions of Iran. Each region produces rugs with a different style and character. In addition, since it is produced by different peoples in Iran, designs and styles may differ accordingly.

Persian rugs each have a unique and special touch as they are handmade. Persian rugs are known for their rich patterns, vibrant colors, and unique designs. In this respect, it is used especially in living spaces.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Turkish and Persian Rugs in Your Modern Home Decor

Turkish rugs and Persian rugs can be easily incorporated into home decoration. Basically, it is possible to use these rugs comfortably in every environment of the house. If you choose the options that best suit your desires, needs and color tastes, you can use them in complete harmony with your living space. In addition to this, Persian rugs can also be used by hanging them on the wall, apart from their traditional use.

This can add completely different atmosphere in your home. If you are using more than one in a room, make sure  that they are not in the same size. The reason behind this is the same size make the space appear smaller than it is.

Plus, you should know colors effects too. Colors like orange, red or yellow can help you make a warm, cozy home. However blue or grey can give you a more bigger room. Thus if you select your colors carefully, you can use your house more effectively. If the space has patterned upholstered armchairs or fancy wallpaper, choose a simpler rug. If your walls are in neutral tones and your sofa upholstery is solid, choose a more intense pattern to add more interest to the room. Paying attention to all these gives you the opportunity to achieve more successful results.

How to Clean Them?

If you want your hand-woven rug to be long-lasting and shiny, perform periodic maintenance. For this, vacuum once or twice a week in the direction where the hairs are slightly flat. Due to its delicate structure, the best cleaning method for your hand-woven rugs is professional rug cleaning companies.

If you contact a rug cleaning company and inform them, a special cleaning service can be provided for your rug. Although it is possible to wash it at home, it should not be forgotten that issues such as water at the wrong temperature and choosing the wrong detergent can permanently damage the rug.

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