The Ultimate Buying Guide For Rugs

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Rugs

When it comes to home decoration, most people think of furniture, small decorations, or curtains. However, carpets, which will bring the area's spirit to the fore, are so effective that they can change the house's atmosphere. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right rug when choosing a carpet, as in choosing furniture. So, should we only consider the decoration style you want to create when choosing a carpet? Of course not! So, let's look at what should be considered when selecting a carpet, and let's discover the best rugs for your style and space.

Most important things to consider when you choose an area rug:

  • Where you will place it 
  • The measurement of the room
  • The types of mats according to their manufacture
  • The types of rugs according to their material
  • Rug’s purpose
  • Rug’s shape
  • Rug’s style
  • Its match with other decorations and colors
  • Durability
  • How to maintain it

 How To Select Carpet According To Rooms and Decorations? 

Some say that carpets have the priority in adding personality and spirit to the place we live. The main issue that will make you think while choosing a carpet is usually the overall decoration of the room, such as the colors of the furniture, the curtain's shape and type, the wall paint, and the accessories that are used. It is necessary to start with determining the place and floor where the carpet will be used. First of all, you need to think about the room where you will be placing the rug and what carpet you need in your home. Choosing a vintage rug is challenging and complicated. 

There are many features such as different designs, sizes, weaving techniques, and sensitivity to human health. While increasing the product range, it makes it difficult for us to choose.

Carpet Selection According to the Seat

There is no harm in choosing similar colors when choosing a carpet according to the color of the sofa. However, instead of buying the same color carpet as your seats; A carpet that includes sofa and curtain colors will look much more elegant.

Carpet Selection for the Bedroom

When making the carpet color for the bedroom, bolder and more vibrant colors are generally used. If the walls of the room are dark, it is best to use a light carpet. For rooms that are not exposed to light, including the bedroom, you can choose light-colored carpets. Contrasting colors to the walls and furniture will look nice.

Choosing a Carpet for the Living Room

When choosing a carpet for the living room, keep in mind that you may change your wall paint color in the future. Therefore, avoid carpets in which one color is dominant. Instead, try to choose light-colored carpets that contain a few color tones. In this way, even if you change the color of the wall, it will be easier to find a wall paint color that is compatible with the colors in the carpet.

Handmade Or Machine Carpet? 

When buying a new and fresh rug for your home, knowing whether you should buy a hand-woven or machine-made carpet clarifies most things, right? It will be enough to look at the back of the carpet to see the difference between a hand-woven carpet and a machine-made carpet. Machine carpets are not made by knotting.

Wool fibers are put on the carpet by machine, and then the back of the carpet is reinforced with latex. This process gives the back of the carpet a rough texture and a criss-cross look. You can see the pattern of a hand-woven rug in the form of rows of tiny knots on the back of the rug. 

People are creating patterns by knotting each yarn, making the carpet look more dense and valuable. Therefore it takes longer to make such carpets than machine-made carpets. Of course, the consequence is a higher quality and tighter weave in the carpet. However, there are many types of hand-woven carpets according to their quality.

Of course, for more information about this topic, you can check our other blog, which is mainly about the quality of a carpet on our website!

Choosing According to the Material 

The Yarn of The Carpet Is Important 

Perhaps the most critical factor in carpet selection is economic opportunities. The one thing you need to consider is how many years you would be using the carpet and what you are expecting from the carpet. Because when you purchase a quality carpet, you can use it for many years. Yes, you would pay a lot of money, but it would be worth it since you would use it for more than you think.  Hence, buying the best carpet you can buy, especially for areas subject to heavy traffic, will make you profit in the long run. 

The density of the yarn affects the durability of the carpet. Carpets with more pile weight are more durable and more expensive. Production and design features are other factors that affect the price of the carpet. The quality of the yarn used comes first among the factors that determine the cost of the carpet. Yarn is the primary material of the carpet.

How To Know Quality Carpet? 

The type of yarn used and how the carpet is made are essential features that determine the quality of a carpet. To understand if a hand-woven carpet has a high quality, we need to look at the quality of the wool. The length, elasticity, and shine of the wool fiber are significant. The thickness of a carpet is not crucial in determining the quality of the rug.

What Is Wool Carpet? 

Wool, which is the most qualified yarn known in carpet production, sets a standard for comparing carpet fibers. It has excellent abrasion resistance. Therefore, it is durable and also flexible. Also, it is a fiber with high flame resistance, does not produce static energy. The performance of wool in “stain protection” is high as in polyamide.

Also, wool carpet keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is a very durable material. It also collects most of the dirt on the surface and prevents it from penetrating deeply. 

A carpet whose pattern is less obvious when viewed from the back is not a tightly woven carpet. Good knots indicate higher quality. The more knots per square centimeter, the more effort it took to make the rug.

Other than wool…

Most of the machine carpets we use today are produced with synthetic yarn. There are four basic synthetic yarn types. These; Polyamide (nylon), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester, and Acrylic.

These four types of synthetic yarns can be blended with each other as well as with wool and can appear as alternative fiber/yarn types. It is one of the most critical features that determine the quality of a carpet. Most of the machine carpets we use today are produced with synthetic yarn. There are four basic synthetic yarn types. 

  1. Polyamide (nylon), 
  2. Polypropylene (PP), 
  3. Polyester 
  4. Acrylic.

What Is Polyamide (Nylon) Carpet And Its Features?

Nylon is one of the most popular yarn types. It is resistant to the weight and movement of furniture and can also provide eye-catching colors. 

Since it has a structure that can hide stains and dirt, it is suitable for all usage areas with little or heavy traffic.

What Is Polypropylene Carpet? 

Although it is known for its easy cleaning, polypropylene, whose other name is an olefin, has a weaker resistance against oil-based staining than polyamide. 

Since it is very resistant to moisture and mold, this material can be used both indoors and outdoors.  

Not only is this material cheaper than the other three fibers, but it also has more matte colors than other carpets due to its resistance to dyeing. 

In addition, it is more inadequate than the others in terms of the preservation time of its original appearance. However, its advantage is that it is anti-static.

What Is Polyester Carpet? 

This type of yarn is very easy to clean and has excellent color clarity. It can be easily cleaned and at the same time. However, it is highly resistant to water-based stains. Its resistance to oil-based staining is weaker than polyamide, just like polypropylene. 

This type of material is not very flexible, and its hardness does not get damaged even if it gets wet. Thus, its moisture absorption rate is less than polyamide and polypropylene. For this reason, it would be a great idea to use it as an outdoor carpet.

What Is an Acrylic Carpet? 

Acrylic, a fiber type that can give the appearance and feel of wool with its structure, is resistant to mold and has a high resistance to sunlight. 

The performance of acrylic in terms of stain repellent is lower than other fiber types. However, it is more durable than polypropylene in terms of color.

Think About Its Purpose

Carpets create a welcoming atmosphere in your living space with their warmth and softness. When you use a piece of carpet, you have the chance to show your parquet or stone on the floor.

Hence, before buying a carpet, you actually need to consider whether it will be a just decoration or would it be a piece that will make the place warmer or its specific reason for you, such as not damaging the floor or reducing the echo in the space that you live in. 

Choosing Rugs according to its Shape and Style

What Kind of Carpet in Which Room? 

Due to the fact that the living room is the area where guests spend more time, it should be supported with a striking and sophisticated carpet of the highest quality, as much as the economy can afford.

Large carpets can be placed under the sofa, armchair, or dining table in your living room. You can make a difference by leaving the coating aside and choosing smaller rugs.

You are free to choose the carpet for the living room. Choose the color and design you want, be bold and courageous. Pile rugs in the bedroom add more sympathy to the room. Use your preference for pile carpets.

The long piled carpets for baby and children's rooms can be risky. Therefore, in baby and children's rooms, non-slip, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergic carpets should be chosen as much as possible. 

It is also essential that the upper part of the selected carpet has a soft structure against the possibility of falling. Finally, avoid choosing light-colored carpets because of heavy traffic in the hallways, and use dark-colored carpets.

If you have a long corridor, you could use two runners of 3 square meters.

Remember When Decorating 

If you are using multiple rugs in a room, try not to have them on the same size as the same carpet sizes would make the space look smaller.

If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your room, you should go for colors such as orange, red, and yellow. Cool colors like shades of blue and gray will make the room feel larger than it is.

If the space has patterned upholstered armchairs or fancy wallpaper, choose a more straightforward rug. If your walls are neutral and your sofa upholstery is solid, try a more intense pattern for added interest in the room.

In addition, there is a great way to make the space seem larger than it is; by leaving bare floors on the edges of the carpet. In this way, you will refresh the room. So, always try to use anti-slip carpets.

  • When choosing a carpet color, test how the colors look in your room both during the day and at night.
  • To add a different soul and excitement to the room, choose carpets with a relief effect. These carpets create a 3D effect on the floor.
  • Using carpets of different patterns and colors in minimalist furnished spaces will make the area more attractive and create another focal point thanks to the contrasting colors.

Things To Consider When Choosing Color and Pattern on The Carpet

When choosing a color on the carpet, pay attention to its harmony with the floor. While you should prefer neutral and un-patterned colors to highlight the floor, I recommend using gray tones to bring the furniture to the fore. Paying attention to this, make sure to request a preliminary trial at your home. In addition, the pattern of the carpet plays a vital role in hiding dirt. While large prints show dirt more, irregular and multi-colored patterns reduce the visibility of dirt and stains.

Choosing Rugs and their Maintenance 

You can make the life of your carpet longer with proper care. However, how often you clean your carpet depends on the foot traffic and the amount of dust carried from outside. 

You can use the high suction power on your vacuum cleaner and easily clean dry dirt. In addition, if you place a mat in front of your entrance, then all of your carpets would be less dirty, as most of the dirt will be kept outside. But still, every six months or once a year, you need to have your carpet deep cleaned.

Furthermore, the best way to deep clean your rug is to do steam cleaning. It is usually done by professionals. Hence, you can call a professional carpet cleaning company to give it a great, yearly clean. 

On the other hand, you can also use shampoo or liquid soap, or soapy water to clean your carpet. But, try not to use so many chemicals.

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