Vintage Rugs A Timeless Addition to Your Home Decor

Vintage Rugs A Timeless Addition to Your Home Decor

The word vintage refers to the use of old items by combining them with today's ideas. This word especially started to appear more and more recently. Besides Vintage rugs, is can be seen in many trends. For example, besides rugs, the term “Vintage” widely used in furniture, clothes and goods. However, they have one feature in common: Being special and unique.

The rug that emerges because of giving Anatolian rugs an aging texture and giving them a modern look is called vintage rug. Vintage rugs, which reflect the story of centuries with special colors and patterns, come to life again today. These rug models are preferred in the decoration of houses furnished in retro and rustic style.

The vintage fashion that emerged with the increase in the longing for the old times began to come to the fore in the rug industry as in many other sectors. Rugs, which are among the indispensable elements of home decoration, bring the current fashion to your home by taking advantage of the dynamics of the period. You can make your home look the way you want with the vintage rug models that have come to the fore among the rug models recently.

The Unique Appeal of Vintage Rugs in Modern Home Design

The choice of rug, which is the final touch of decoration, is an important tool to reflect the look you want to your homes. You can bring the look you want to reflect to your living rooms with different rug selections. While vintage rug models give your home a classic look, they take on an elegant atmosphere with the other pieces you choose. Rug models bearing the traces of the past create a visible change in the area they are used.

Choosing the right rug is the most basic choice to add a warm atmosphere to your homes. In addition to hand-woven rugs, models with different designs add a different atmosphere to your home. Today, people who want to create a noticeable warmth in home decoration prefer classic rug models. Vintage models are always with you to enrich your choices.

How to Mix and Match Vintage Rugs with Contemporary Furniture

You should prefer rug models with different designs in houses with remarkable flooring. In addition to being suitable for furniture designs, being suitable for the floor used reveals the unique appearance of the rugs you use. Preferring plain rugs in patterned flooring provides the appearance of both the rug and the flooring. Vintage rug models with different designs that you will prefer on moving floors will help you achieve the look you want.

To eliminate the complexity of the appearance, it would be more appropriate to choose beige or cream rugs on moving floors. The use of rugs in beige or earth tones ensures that rugs used in light colors add calmness to the appearance of the house. Light-colored rug models are preferred to make the house appear larger. The color variations of vintage rugs will help you at this point.

Where to Find Authentic Vintage Rugs and How to Care for Them

Rugs, which are the complement of home decoration, can be long-lasting if care is taken. Each rug has different yarn types and weaves. Therefore, maintenance may also differ. For your rug to remain as beautiful as the first day, it may be useful to be careful about the things to be considered in rug care.

Every rug requires care during its use, but general care recommendations can help maintain the quality of your rugs. It is natural for rugs that are constantly underfoot to get dirty easily and quickly. In addition to daily cleaning, not cleaning the stains that occur can lead to the rapid proliferation of microbes and bacteria. Bacteria can cause many upper respiratory tract diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. There are some points that you can pay attention to in rug care against all problems that may arise.

Regular maintenance of the rug should not be neglected. In daily cleaning, sweeping the rugs and removing the dirt between the yarns is important in terms of the first day's appearance and longevity of the rug. It should be swept carefully in the direction of the yarns of the rug with a vacuum cleaner.

Only rug shampoo and water are sufficient during rug cleaning. If the rug is stained or if general wiping is to be done, only foam wiping can be applied to the entire rug. Care should be taken to ensure that no detergent residue remains after wiping while maintaining the rug.

No detergents other than rug shampoos should be used. Different chemicals can cause damage to the rug and may cause damage to the rug texture and shorten the life of your rug.


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