Vintage rugs can transform any room into an oasis of comfort and luxury, no matter how ordinary it otherwise may be. With their exquisite patterns and timeless aura, our handmade vintage rugs will bring a flavor of the foreign into your home.


What is a Vintage Rug?

Vintage rugs are rugs that were made over 20 years ago. Any rug that has an age between 20 to 80 years is considered vintage. Rugs older than 80 years — that were made over a hundred years ago, for instance — are called antique rugs.

Vintage rugs don’t refer to any specific style. Vintage rug designs range from traditional and intricate to modern and minimalistic. As long as the rug in question is 20+ years old, it can be considered vintage.

Vintage Rug Styles

Vintage rugs come in various sizes and styles. There are more than 300 different styles that originate from Turkey alone. There are also Persian rugs, that have over 1000 different styles, and Moroccan rugs with just as many. So it's quite difficult to attribute a certain style to the overall definition of vintage rugs; there simply are too many styles so it is quite impossible to categorize all of them into one look or style. Retro rugs seem to be a great option for modern homes, while traditional rugs seem to complement homes with a more heavy design.

Are All Vintage Rugs Handmade?

That is a question that's been asked by so many of our customers. The short answer is no, not all rugs that are considered vintage are handmade. As we mentioned above, vintage refers to the terms that the rug was made in. Given that machine rugs also originated in the 1980s, we can definitively define vintage rugs as handmade. But the good news is that all the rugs listed on Biev are handwoven. We don't source or sell anything that was made by a machine.

Vintage Rugs vs. Machine Rugs

This is a simple comparison; vintage rugs beat machine rugs by many miles. Not only vintage rugs are eco-friendly (organic wool is vegetable-dyed specific natural plants that give color and then weaved in between organic cotton threads), but also they are an investment piece. They are meant to last and if you take care of them well they will be passed on to your children and even your grandchildren. Whereas machine rugs have a lifespan of a few years at most and cause pollution. Millions of machine-made rugs are thrown away every year; they are one of the contributing reasons to global warming. Thanks to their unique style, vintage rugs of all kinds have become quite popular. Given their superiority to machine-made rugs, we believe that it's really worth purchasing one.

Where to Buy Vintage Rugs

Biev is a great resource to find the rug of your dreams. We have over 1200 vintage rugs in stock that you can choose from. With our stellar customer service and attention to detail, we really believe that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. If you don't believe us, take a look at our reviews!

No matter which carpet you choose, one thing is for sure — the quality will impress you. Thanks to their exquisite craftsmanship, our vintage rugs have lasted for decades and are sure to last many more. They will complement and enhance any room, allowing it to shine even more.

Are Vintage Rugs Durable?

Vintage rugs are much more durable than machine-made rugs. Wool contains lanolin, a natural oil derived from sheep wool. Lanolin has protective features, so your handwoven vintage rug is not going to be as prone to stains as machine rugs. The cotton foundation gives a solid foundation and makes it very difficult for outside force to actually damage the rug. Unless you poke your vintage rug with a sharp object or leave it in a damp area for long periods of time, it's going to stay the way it is.

You need to do three simple things to care for your vintage rug. Flip the rug 180 degrees every six months, vacuum it from opposite sides to ensure that the pile doesn't get bent, and if you ever spill anything on it dab it with a damp towel as soon as possible, don't let the stain dry. If you follow these three basic rules, your vintage carpet will last you for decades.

Find the Perfect Vintage Rug With Ease

Looking for a specific color, size and style? Then use the filters on our website to narrow down your search. You can choose your favorite color, pick a style, or select a size. Using these parameters, you should come across the perfect carpet in no time!

Still, don’t forget to browse through our entire collection too. You never know — an incredible piece could unexpectedly catch your eye!

Who says vintage rugs are no longer in vogue? Once you take a look at our collection, you’ll realize that vintage carpets of this quality are simply timeless. Even if you’ve never been a big fan of retro carpets, you’re bound to find something you like here.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself an oriental rug today, and we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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