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Your dining room can either have a formal or a casual aesthetic, depending on your interior design preferences. Whichever one you chose, there’s one way to hammer the point home. A handmade vintage rug will instantly elevate the atmosphere of any room while also making the furniture appear more cohesive.


More About Dining Room Rugs

For some reason, finding a perfect semi-antique rug seems to be more difficult than choosing furniture. Still, shopping for a vintage rug for your dining room doesn’t have to be a big to-do.

How do you Choose the Perfect Vintage Dining Room Rug?

Since dining rooms can be a bit messy — namely, because crumbs and other food items tend to fall to the floor — it’s best to go for a low-pile carpet. Luckily, most of the handmade dining room rugs in our collection are fairly flat cotton or wool products.

Other than that, you can choose pretty much any style of carpet, as long as it fits in with the rest of the room. With that in mind, we wanted to answer a few of the more specific questions about choosing your dining room carpeting.

Which Type of Vintage Rug is Best for the Dining Room?

Ultimately, the kind of dining room rug you get will depend on the rest of your interior design. But even with that in mind, we’d be happy to clue you into the different Turkish rug styles we have in our store.

The two most apparent kinds of styles are the basic low or medium-pile carpets, which come in many different styles, and the more elongated Chaput kilim runner rugs. If you want to invoke a more relaxed atmosphere in the room, a patchwork rug will do the trick.

Alternatively, if you’re going for a more rustic aesthetic, we recommend opting for a distressed patterned rug instead. Lastly, if you want to project luxury and class, a classic medallion rug, perhaps in a neutral color, would be a perfect choice.

Where Should I Place my Vintage Rug in my Dining Room?

As always, the placement of your dining room area rugs and runners will depend on the layout of the furniture. If you have a bar in the room, you might want to put a runner under the stools.

Should I Put a Vintage Rug Under the Dining Table?

In a word — yes. But in that case, the dimensions of the dining table rug are crucial.

Which Sizes of Vintage Rugs are Best for a Dining Room?

Naturally, the exact dining room rug size you should be looking for depends on the carpet’s placement. Generally, most people opt for oversized rugs, and rectangular dining room area rugs.

You’ll have to figure out the right size you need in your dining room. If you want to keep a rug under the dining table, you’ll want to get the table’s measurements. Once you do that, add about 2 feet of space on all sides of the table. That should give you plenty of room for the chairs too!


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