When decorating our children's rooms, our first instinct is to use brand-new furnishings. Most people even get brand new kids' room & nursery rugs! But opting for handmade or vintage pieces instead is a fantastic way to make the space feel more lived-in. Moreover, the semi-antique rug you get could really play up the general theme of the room. So keep that in mind as you browse through our collection!


Vintage Kids Room Rugs & Vintage Nursery Rugs

When decorating our children's rooms, our first instinct is to use brand-new furnishing while ensuring they will be comfy all day. It is our responsibility to keep their play area spot cleaned always.

Opting for organic, handmade vintage playroom rugs is a fantastic way to create an environment for your kids to be happy. At Biev, you can find the best nursery rugs that your babies will surely love!

More About Kids Room & Nursery Rugs

When choosing kids' room & nursery rugs, consider how these spaces differ from the other areas in your house. For example, if you notice that your bedroom and baby's nursery room are the same in size, apparently, the baby's room is more spacious.

After all, the furniture in the baby room is much smaller than those in your bedrooms, such as cribs, kids crate, and toy cars from Pottery Barn Kids. A single nursery rug in your kids' room serves a different purpose since it usually serves as a play area for your kid. Thus, they need to be comfortable during their playtime.

How Can I Choose The Best Vintage Rug For Kids' Rooms And Nursery Rooms?

When choosing a kids' rug for your baby, it's important to consider a few things. If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to find the perfect rug for your child's room or nursery. With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish.

Here are some of the following tips that you can think about:

Utilize the space more

Choose one that is big enough to cover most of the floor space in the room. This will help to keep your child from tripping on loose flooring or wandering into areas where they shouldn't be.

Prioritize comfort

Choose a rug that is super soft and comfortable underfoot. This is especially important in a nursery, where your child may be spending a lot of time crawling or playing on the floor. A soft wool rug will help protect their skin and keep them comfortable.

Ensure cleanliness

Make sure that the kids' rug is a stain-resistant material for it to be machine washable. Always make it a priority that your baby's environment is spot clean always. For sure, there will be stains daily every tummy time.

Make sure your kid loves it

Choose a rug that is visually appealing and matches the room's decor. There are many different styles and designs of kids' rugs available that you can choose from.

Aside from buying toys, purchase a wool rug with a geometric pattern and whimsical design. Definitely, your kids will find this type of nursery rug fascinating.

Which Vintage Rug Is Best For Kids' Rooms Or Nurseries?

There are a few things you should consider when picking out a rug for a children's room or nursery. Keeping these in mind will ensure their safety and comfort. Below are some of the following factors:


The most important factor is safety - ensure the rug is free of frayed edges or loose fibers that could pose a choking hazard. You'll also want to choose a rug that's easy to clean - either one with a low-pile height or one that can is machine washable.


Wool rugs are your best option if you're looking for a rug specifically designed for nurseries. These rugs have a soft texture and are safe for a baby's delicate skin, and many feature non-skid surfaces to prevent accidents.


Every handmade kid's rugs on Biev are individually unique and fall into specific categories. For example, a multicolored Oushak rug is sure to keep your kids interested in playing on the floor for hours. There are also captivating patterns in our collection that your kids would love.


If you're looking for boys' bedroom rugs, try one of our site's bold, geometrical designs. On the other hand, if you have a little princess, you can get a blush pink Anatolian rug with a medallion-style design. Or, if you are still unsure, get a more gender-neutral rug instead.


The best thing about our selection of kids' rugs is that they are made of natural materials. The cotton and wool woven carpets will be gentle on your children's hands and feet. On top of that, flat-weave kilim rugs for kids are typically easy to clean and durable, which most parents look for.


Our vast selection of fun kids' rugs is full of colorful designs and more subdued pastel options. When it comes to color, we recommend choosing something light and bright. This will help to create a cheerful and fun atmosphere in the room.

Some of our favorite options include pink, yellow, and blue rugs. So if nothing else, the vintage rug you get should blend well with the existing aesthetic theme of the room.

Where Should You Place A Vintage Rug In Your Kids' Rooms Or Nurseries?

Where to place rugs in a kid's room or nursery is an important decision. You want to ensure the rug is comfortable and safe for your child to play on. You also want to make sure it's in a location that will be easy to clean.

A good place to put a rug is in the center of the room. This will create a focal point and make the room feel more spacious. If you have a lot of furniture in the room, you may want to consider placing the rug against a wall instead. This will help keep the rug from getting stained or damaged.

Typically, most parents like to have furniture nailed to the walls in their kids' rooms. That means the floor will be mostly free for you to get big area rugs instead. Notably, if you have toddlers, you might want to layer the children's rugs over some soft underlay.

What Size Should My Vintage Rug Be For My Kids' Room & Nursery?

For smaller spaces

For smaller spaces, we recommend choosing a 5x7 or 6x9 rug. These sizes are perfect for smaller rooms and won't take up too much floor area.

For larger rooms

For larger rooms, we recommend choosing an 8x10 or 9x12 rug. These sizes will provide plenty for larger spaces, and they will help to define the area nicely.

For nursery rooms

The best rug size for a nursery room is the one that fits well in the space and suits your child's needs. With so many great options available in our store, you're sure to find the perfect rug for your little one's room.

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