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When decorating our children's rooms, our first instinct is to use brand-new furnishings. Most people even get brand new kids' room & nursery rugs! But opting for handmade or vintage pieces instead is a fantastic way to make the space feel more lived-in. Moreover, the semi-antique rug you get could really play up the general theme of the room. So keep that in mind as you browse through our collection!


More About Kids' Room & Nursery Rugs

When choosing kids' room & nursery rugs, consider how those spaces differ from the other bedrooms in your home. For example, even if the master bedroom is the same size as the nursery, the kids' room may appear more spacious. After all, the kids' beds and cribs are much smaller than the king or queen-size beds we choose for ourselves.

The carpets in your kids' rooms serve a different purpose than the ones in your bedroom. The runners next to your bed will probably only come in contact with your feet. Conversely, kids' room rugs usually end up serving as play areas. So they have to be comfortable for tiny hands, too!

How do we choose the best carpets for kids' rooms?

The best thing about our selection of kids' area rugs is that the vintage pieces are made of natural materials. The cotton and wool woven carpets will be gentle on your children's hands and feet. On top of that, flat-weave rugs for kids are typically easy to clean, which most parents look for.

Our vast selection of fun kids' rugs is full of colorful designs and more subdued pastel options. So if nothing else, the vintage rug you get will mesh well with the existing aesthetic theme of the room.

What type of rug is the best for kids' rooms or nurseries?

Even though the handmade toddler room rugs on are all individually unique, they fall into specific categories. For example, a multicolored Oushak rug is sure to keep your kids interested in playing on the floor for hours. Then again, captivating patterns abound in our collection of children's room rugs!

If you're looking for boys' bedroom rugs, try one of the bold, geometrical designs on our site. On the other hand, if you have a little princess, you can get a blush pink Turkish rug with a medallion style design. Even if you'd prefer to get a more unisex Oriental rug, you're sure to find what you're looking for here.

Where should you place the rugs in your kids' rooms?

Typically, most parents like to have furniture nailed to the walls in their kids' rooms. That means that the floor will be mostly free for you to get one big area rug. Notably, if you have toddlers, you might want to layer the children's rugs over some soft underlay.

How big should your kids' rugs be?

So, you'll probably put the vintage rug you get in the middle of the room — or perhaps in the designated play area in the corner of the room. Now that you know that, you'll just have to measure the space to see how big the carpet needs to be.


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