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Most people spend the majority of their time at home relaxing in the living room. Between the members of the household and their respective guests, these rooms tend to be areas of high foot traffic. Laying down some vintage living room rugs is a great way to make the space more stylish while protecting the flooring.


More About Living Room Rugs

Shopping for rugs for your living room doesn’t have to be complicated. By choosing a vintage rug, you can give an old but lovingly made piece a new life. It’s just a matter of choosing the right carpet for your living room.

How Can I Choose the Perfect Vintage Living Room Rug?

If you want to know how to select an area rug for your living room, you’ll need to keep several things in mind. Identifying the style of your furnishings will help you figure out what kind of carpet you should look for. For example, neutral room furnishings can be offset by a particularly flashy oriental rug.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more casual, runner rugs for the living room, we might suggest looking through our collection of Chaput kilims. Between those and the more decorative Oushak rug styles in our store, you’ll find some excellent options for your home.

Which Vintage Living Room Rug is the Best?

If you’re still unsure what’s the best kind of rug for your living room, let’s go through our selection. On the one hand, the semi-antique rug you get should ideally be either flat-weave or low-pile. Those kinds of carpets are generally easier to vacuum and clean than thicker ones. That’s what makes the living room carpets we offer perfect for areas with high foot traffic.

Where Should you Place Your Vintage Rug in a Living Room?

As we have established, the living room is a space many people walk through and hang out in. Putting the living room rugs in areas that get a lot of foot traffic is a perfect way to blend style with functionality.

Additionally, consider where your Turkish rug will be most noticeable. Having a colorful patterned rug in an area of the room that doesn’t get much attention is a great way to draw the eye to that space.

So if you want to highlight a plant corner or a reading nook, most people don’t notice. Just get some exciting family room rugs. For example, a red carpet would provide just the right amount of visual interest to any area you wanted to feature.

Which Vintage Rug Size Should I Pick for my Living Room?

After pinpointing the area, you want to cover with your living room area rug, carefully measure the area to get the size you need. Doing that allows you to start looking for the perfect area rugs for your living room.

Our mini rugs and small rugs can measure between 1 by 3 feet and 4 by 8 feet. The following categories above those are medium and large carpets. Those are generally 6 by 7-foot pieces or elongated 5 by 9-foot ones.

Then again, you might find that a longer runner or an oversized area rug is a better choice for you. Either way, you’ll have the perfect handmade living room rugs for your home before you know it.


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